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  • The Program Diaries Project

    The Program Diaries Project

    About the Project The Program Diaries Project: World Language Teacher Collaboration in Context This research project is a collaborative effort involving every student who enrolls in FLT 817 Program Development and Administration. The data collection draws upon interviews that these teacher-learners conduct with their own colleagues about topics including collaboration, teacher development and supervision, curriculum […]

  • Advocacy for World Language Programs

    Advocacy for World Language Programs

    Also published on the MAFLT blog: https://maflt.cal.msu.edu/program-news. Looking for recommended resources? Open the Advocacy page Advocacy has been a prevalent theme for world language teachers and programs in the U.S. recently. Teachers are overworked, programs are closing, funding is drying up, new programs are not getting off the ground, and less-commonly-taught languages remain less common […]

  • What is CI, and What is the Opposite of Comprehensible Input?

    What is CI, and What is the Opposite of Comprehensible Input?

    The phrase “comprehensible input” has a lot of buzz among world language teachers – but what does CI really mean, and what does it mean to teach with CI?

  • Tech-Savvy FL Teachers Recommend…

    Tech-Savvy FL Teachers Recommend…

    Finding the right tool can be difficult for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the tech tools are hard to find because we aren’t quite sure what we are looking for. We can search by the names and types of tools, but it is harder to search based on what we want them to do. When […]

  • Keep Teaching FLT for Proficiency

    Keep Teaching FLT for Proficiency

    Whether you have to teach remotely or you just want to use technology in innovative ways… Keep focusing on teaching language for proficiency! It doesn’t matter how many great new platforms, apps, and sites you use if they don’t increase learners’ ability to express themselves, understand others, and negotiate meaning in the TL.  But if […]

  • Teacher inquiry that brushes the boundaries of research

    Teacher inquiry that brushes the boundaries of research

    The other is that the questions that drive their desire to conduct research are often so large and complex, with so many variables and stakeholders, that they exceed the scope…

  • Choosing to focus on (Clifton) strengths

    Choosing to focus on (Clifton) strengths

    This fall the College of Arts & Letters Leadership Fellows kicked off by taking the Clifton Strengths Inventory (www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths). The strengths below are my top five: Learner Achiever Ideation Individualization Strategic When we debriefed the findings in a workshop setting, we saw that almost everyone in the room shared at least two of them and […]

  • Surviving your first conference

    Surviving your first conference

    … and making the most of it! Top three things to bring that will keep you happy: refillable water bottle, portable power bank for your phone, and shoes that can keep going all day. Top three things to do that will keep everybody happy: Arrive at any session you want to attend a couple of […]