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  • Tech-Savvy FL Teachers Recommend…

    Tech-Savvy FL Teachers Recommend…

    Finding the right tool can be difficult for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the tech tools are hard to find because we aren’t quite sure what we are looking for. We can search by the names and types of tools, but it is harder to search based on what we want them to do. When […]

  • Keep Teaching FLT for Proficiency

    Keep Teaching FLT for Proficiency

    Whether you have to teach remotely or you just want to use technology in innovative ways… Keep focusing on teaching language for proficiency! It doesn’t matter how many great new platforms, apps, and sites you use if they don’t increase learners’ ability to express themselves, understand others, and negotiate meaning in the TL.  But if […]

  • Comprehensible Input is Everywhere

    Comprehensible input is everywhere. Even if our language learners would have to travel thousands of miles to meet native speakers face to face, we can still find compelling comprehensible input that will let them experience the target language in use. On the internet, CI is available on a website that presents current events in texts […]