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  • Language Advocacy Days 2023

    Language Advocacy Days 2023

    Have you talked to your legislators lately? JNCL-NCLIS LAD23 – Building Opportunity through Multilingualism

  • Ecology and Vitality of Language Programs

    Ecology and Vitality of Language Programs

    Advocating for Japanese as a Foreign Language… with strategies that can be used to promote any language program.

  • Opening the Silos: Languages without Walls

    Opening the Silos: Languages without Walls

    World language departments are composed of teachers of many different languages. How can we work together and grow even when our languages are wildly different? This presentation focuses on the experiences of teachers of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) and give advice on how language departments can collaborate and grow as a community despite the […]

  • Advocacy for World Language Programs

    Advocacy for World Language Programs

    Also published on the MAFLT blog: https://maflt.cal.msu.edu/program-news. Looking for recommended resources? Open the Advocacy page Advocacy has been a prevalent theme for world language teachers and programs in the U.S. recently. Teachers are overworked, programs are closing, funding is drying up, new programs are not getting off the ground, and less-commonly-taught languages remain less common […]

  • FLT in the U.S. – Is it in crisis?

    According to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Commission on Language Learning, the Joint National Committee for Languages, the U.S. Department of Education’s current International Strategy, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), as well as a variety of articles in the media, the low percentage of K-16 students who […]